There are dozens of reasons as to why users would want to uninstall certain software programs from their computer and some of the reasons are because it is unwanted or maybe it is seldom used and doesn’t serve any purpose at all. Uninstalling software is simply removing a program completely from your computer system. Depending on the kind of computer platform used and the software to be removed, uninstallation process may vary.


If you want to uninstall any programs easily and safely, you must have basic knowledge on how to do so without causing any damage to your other data. Deleting leftover data and stubborn programs can be achieved. If this is your first time to uninstall a program and you prefer to do it in the safest possible way, you can do so by following the simple overview on uninstalling programs for different Windows platform.


For Windows XP User


If you are using a Windows XP operating system, you don’t have to worry on how to uninstall and just follow these steps:


Locate the “Start” button and hover your mouse to the “Control Panel”. Locate the menu labelled “Add/Remove Programs” and browse on the list. If you saw the program you want to uninstall, select it and click “Remove”.


For Windows Vista User


One of the most common Windows system used is the Windows Vista and here are the steps to follow on how to successfully remove or uninstall a program:


Click on the “Start” button and look for the “Control Panel” menu. Now, look for the submenu “Uninstall a Program” in case the control panel you are using is in classic view and find the “Programs and Features” label and double click it. Once you saw the program you want to remove, just click on the “Uninstall” button.


For Mac User


Windows platform have different steps to uninstall a program and so is Mac system. Often times, Mac requires very simple steps on how to uninstall a software program and here are the steps you can easily follow:


Locate and open your applications folder and locate the program icon you want to delete or remove. Drag the said icon to your computer Trash icon to remove it and make sure not to forget to empty or delete the trash data. Please note though that removing of files for Mac users can sometimes leave a so called “Orphan” files especially if the files you want to remove is unbundled.


Uninstalling Process is Simple


As you can see, uninstalling certain software’s from different platforms is not that difficult and technical. Bear in mind though that there are really few programs that require complicated removal from your system. So before you install software’s on your computer, make sure you have read about it for there are few that once installed, it automatically creates related files from different locations in your computer. As long as you equipped yourself with the right knowledge regarding the software and your operating system, uninstallation would be a breeze. The simple steps provided above are some of the things you need to note in order to remove software’s effectively using powerful and simple methods.