Finding the right fit of audio converter could be a challenge mainly because most audio converter software’s right now is either too easy for beginners or too hard to expert users. There are a lot of MP3 converters available right now, but only few are there that can be easy yet very commendable for expert users too. One good audio converter would be the use of Free Audio Converter. This software is indeed easy to use for novice users but filled with features that experts would find useful and not too hard to manage or control. Users can now encode their MP3 files using different file formats and they can even include 3 levels of LAME. What else can Free Audio Converter offer? It has a built-in preset wizard which helps user save their projects or files easily. Using this wizard is easy, all you have to do is click on its icon the Magic Wand and it will automatically open its preset editor. From there you can perform different tasks and even create profiles.


Download Free Audio Converter for it comes with an attractive and colorful design to give users an exciting feeling every time they use this software. The controls are basic, not too complicated where you can simply drag and drop files. To make your experience smoother, this software comes with pop-ups when editing, to make it handy on the users end. In fact, Free Audio Converter can convert files with WAV formats, M4A, MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC and APE. To provide users with an easy feel despite being advanced, Free Audio Converter comes with single mode support and Batch mode support, it is also multiplatform that can be downloaded, installed safely and run without any issues or difficulty. If you want to refine your audio conversion, you can do so with the use of LAME quality as well as the Audio Book and its original audio plus a standard CD audio.


So what about CDex? Will it compete with Free Audio Converter? Well, CDex is a CD ripper although it too can convert tracks. CDex works best when you convert a file into its CD audio format such as the MP3, WAV, APE, and more. Expert users also proved that this software comes with cdparanoia which is known as a robust tool for CD reading purposes. Just like Free Audio Converter, CDex may come with advanced features for file conversion yet it is for free. It is license under GNU General Public License. So if you are looking for robust CD ripper and converter, you can download CDex and download Free Audio Converter too to start your audio conversion activity. These 2 software’s are highly recommended for it can convert files fast and easy. Both can handle the WAV file format giving it an edge over other audio converter software’s.