Audacity AppAudio software is among the top downloaded software today. The need for complete audio tools and utilities has been growing continuously. Every user wanted to match the advancements in modern genres of music and songs. It also includes all the advance techniques and methods to enhance formats and files into next level qualities. Since everyone always opt for the best. All the areas and qualities of audio software are carefully evaluated in order not to miss a bit of considerations from it. Likewise, it is also favorable to users if they could get extra functionalities out of single software. Hence, users no longer have to look for more software or application to cope with particular function that they want to enjoy. Today, you are privilege to screen two excellent audio players Audacity and Audacious, which you can use to play, edit and record songs of your choice. Both of this audio software is free of charge you can start winning one or both of them just when you download Audacity and Audacious.


Audacity; Limitless Audio ToolAudacity is among the top choice audio software. It is well-known of its expertise to edit and record music files with various formats. It is made up of different versions wherein you can enjoy it with your Mac, Linux and Windows platform. It is a lightweight application which you can manipulate instantly to process commands that you desire from your audio software. Aside from audio editing, it can also play multitrack without flaws and errors. It supports wide range of audio formats, which you can use to transform your files from one form to another. Audacity also includes precise tools for adjustments and audio equalizing. It is also capable to accurately reduce or remove noise from your tracks during recording. Editing was never as fast and simple with Audacity because you can fully accomplish it with cut, undo and copy and paste process. Absolutely, you can expect more from this well-rounded audio, player, organizer, recorder and editor.


Audacious SoftwareAudacious is a full blast audio player. It is well-identified of its capabilities to save plenty of system resources without compromising the audio qualities or limiting the number of audio formats that can be supported by the software. It includes hundreds of module formats which can be used conveniently by users. Audacious has a commendable codec support which includes the most advance music libraries and sources. It has also great selections of plugins, which you can use to performance and extend the range of functionalities of this audio player. If you are delighted with variety of skins that can be customized from time to time then Audacious have prepared plenty of it especially for you. You can adjust the color balance, hues and all other elements that can enhance the quality of your skins. Aside from all these inviting features you’ll definitely have the chance to discover more or even create your own features out of this entertainment software application. Be ready to experience endless quality music and songs right on your own computing device. You have two premium options to start with. Have your free Audacity and Audacious download right away.