One of the highly recommended audio editor software that is a must have to most music lovers and enthusiasts is the Audacious. This software is free of charge and comes with an open format. This is highly recommended because it uses a low resource yet impressive sound quality that is not typically found in other audio editing software’s. Audacious download is perfect as it is cross platform and works just fine with Windows platforms as well as Linux. As compared to other audio software’s like Audacity, Audacious is way different in the sense that it is has dozens of great plugins to boost its function and features even better. Plus the fact that it comes with good amount of codecs made this software one of the most usable thus far.


Audacious plugins are great for some does contain actual codecs that is very useful especially if your aim is to decode audio contents. In other words, there are Audacious plugins intended for decoding purposes such as its Decoder plugin. Another great plugin are the Transport plugins that are being managed by the use of VFS layer. There are also General plugins which are often used by Audacious users because it provides additional services like the ability to send tracks using its AudioScrobbler. Of course, users are also taking advantage of the Effect plugins that are useful in terms of audio effects. This plugin can give varying options when processing a sound once on decoded audio stream.


There are a lot of Audacious plugins out there that will really boost your software’s performance. If you want more, Audacious is also providing different options for its skins. The skin is provided to allow users to customize the look of their software without really affecting its effects and performance. So if you want one of the best audio software’s of today, download Audacious and you will not regret it. It comes for free, very user friendly and above all, comes in high quality features. What more could you ask for?


If you want a different audio software, there’s one more that may also suit your needs or taste, and that is the use of Audacity. Now that we have narrowed your options on what are the best audio software’s out there and that we have given you few ideas on what plugins are perfect for your Audacious software, make sure to download the software and don’t hesitate to use it despite being a newbie. Audacious as well as Audacity comes with community support, finding help is not as difficult as compared to other audio software’s out there.