Software installation process requires end users to undergo three different processes; the pre-installation process, the main installation process, and the post installation process or after installation. If you have come across a software that you want to install, remember that these three phases are important. During the pre-installation process, end users must read useful information about a given software.


Some programs come with “readme” files that will teach you on how to install a program correctly. The actual installation process begins once you have started installing the software provided by the site. The last phase would be checking if the software program was properly installed. If you encountered any difficulty installing your chosen software’s that our site has presented, then you may go through the basic information or overview we have provided to assist you accordingly on your installation process.


Check Your Operating System


An operating system or mostly called as OS is a collection of different software’s that are capable of running or managing a computer’s hardware. Any software programs need or require the use of an operating system. Because of this, it is a must that you must first check your OS and if it is compatible to the software program you want to install.


Microsoft Windows Installation


Installing software’s for Windows users is easy and less stressful. You can either use Wizard to help you or you can simply do it yourself by just following these simple steps:


1. Locate and open “My Computer”.


2. Open the drive where the installation files is located. If say for example the files are in drive C, then open drive C.


3. Look for “setup” or “install” label and double click it.


Mac Installation


Another platform that is commonly used aside from Microsoft Windows is the Mac. Just like Windows platform, Mac system allows easy installation process of software’s.


1. Simply locate the files and note what kind of file is it: zip files, dmg files or pkg.


2. If it is zip then just uncompress the file and mount it. After which, make sure to execute the chosen file to install properly.


3. Now, just drag the file and drop it to its application folder.


MS-DOS Installation


We all know that Windows and Mac are widely used platform and its installation process is quite easy. However, there are also MS-DOS users who love installing different software’s and here’s the simple steps to follow:


1. Make sure you are switched on to the correct drive where the needed files are located.


2. Simply run or execute the file for proper setup.


3. If in cases of error messages when setting up or installing the software, here are few DOS commands you can make use of; dir*.exe, dir*.com, and dir*.bat.


End User Reminder


When installing your desired software, make sure to check the system requirements and the compatibility of your computer to the system you want. Without checking these things, you may undergo a loop and waste ample time only to find out that the software is not compatible to your computer. As a reminder, make sure to check and be aware of the basic things to do when installing software programs.