Adobe Flash Player is one of the bests that is commonly used by thousands or even billions of users out there. This software program is capable of streaming audios, multimedia files and Rich Internet Applications or the RIA. Download Flash Player and take advantage of its cool features for free. Yes, this is freeware which means it doesn't cost you anything and was created for the Adobe Flash platform. It is also capable of running on different platforms such as the Microsoft Windows, the Solaris, the Linux and of course the Mac OS X. Aside from desktop platforms, this software also supports different mobile devices. Free Flash Player download must not be missed for it can also serve as a plug-in which is also free to use and intended to all recent or new versions of different web browsers.


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  • It supports different data and multimedia formats.

  • Recent versions were optimized for video playback.

  • It is open source and free to download for everyone.

  • It works for both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • It is easy to use and navigate.

  • It is available in different languages such as Chinese, Korean, Turkish and a lot more.

  • It serves as a media player as well as a run time and browser extension.

System Requirements

  • It runs on different platforms such as Windows, Solaris, Mac and Linux.

  • It supports Android mobile platform.

  • It runs on different tablet devices such as Samsung, Sony, Dell, Blackberry and dozens more.


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