We highly encouraged all our site visitors and end users to carefully read the terms and conditions we have outlined on this End User License Agreement or “EULA”. This EULA is provided to protect us and our end users against any illegal acts regarding the software’s our site has presented. This agreement precisely tells everyone the proper use of the software’s presented and by continuing with your site visit only proves that you have accepted this EULA freely with your full consent and knowledge.


Free and Open Source


Most of the software’s presented on our site are under GNU General Public License and doesn’t come with any associated fees. If you want to download any software, you are free to do so as long as you are not committing any illegal acts. Most of the software’s are also open source therefore other programmers or developers are welcome to study the software and add or contribute something to it for improvement purposes.


Things We Fully Discourage:


1. Rental Fee – As you can see, the software programs presented on our site comes for free. However, we highly discourage anyone who uses our site to impose any rental fees out of the software’s we have presented for free. We do not own the presented software’s however we prefer to follow the correct rules and guidelines with regards to these gaming and office software’s.


2. Reverse Engineering – This is the process in which you analyze the technological principles of a certain system and try to disassemble it for commercial or even military purposes. Therefore, we discourage the process of reverse engineering to avoid any legal issues.


3. Component Separation – As you may already know, some software’s come in bundle and it is not approved to disassemble the parts and use it individually.


User’s Privacy


Privacy is highly valued in our site and we make sure that all visitors or site users are well protected from any phishing acts. Rest assured that entering our site is safe for we work hard to safeguard all the information our site have gathered from each of our user with the help or use of cookies and web beacons. However, in cases of lawsuit or request from authorities, we will do our part in order not to obstruct justice.


Additional Software Offer


There are cases when a software program offers or requests an additional program to be downloaded before you can completely and successfully download your preferred software. In this case, we want to present all end users with an option. If you are comfortable accepting additional programs to be installed in your system, feel free to continue with the installation process. However, if you are not comfortable then you can simply click away and reject the installation process.


Program Download


Our site presents different audio and video software’s that are downloadable for free. End users are welcome to download and install any software’s presented however in case there are damages that may occur during the installation process, our site is not liable or responsible for any damages. We can guarantee though that we are presenting virus free software’s.