CDex is compressor/converter digital audio software. This program supports a wide array of digital audio format. This very resilient software doesn't need a high requirement system to be efficient. CDex is translated in many languages enables you to download CDex easily and efficiently. It is also supported by most platforms that enable you to download a copy easily, anytime at your convenience. This program also has great features like direct recording of multiple digital music file. You can also read and store tract information in various formats. It has also the ability to normalize audio sounds and signals. This very user software has lots of features that can easily be customized. There’s only a sinlgle fast way to experience this exciting features and functions that is to download free CDex now.


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  • It can be downloaded for free.

  • It is available in multi-language.

  • It directly record multi tracks.

  • It supports most of the CD drives from different manufacturer.

  • It is capable in normalizing audio signal.

  • It is easy to customize its features.

System Requirements

  • It runs with C++ programming language.

  • It is excellent with JavaScript language.

  • It is compatible with Python programming language too.

  • It runs well with Windows series.


Click the download button to start the download